Our passion is to get into our boogie van, drive, and hike where we stop. Our adventures are often within the Canadian Rockies – with their endless, breath-taking beauty – but not always. Alas, not every trailhead has been arrived at with the boogie van. In those cases, we chronicle the hike for the sheer joy of hiking with the knowledge that there are many places in the world to see and experience.

Our desire with this site is to share our passion for hiking adventures with like-minded people and to showcase what we have built into our boogie van to make our travels more functional and to give us greater range; we are of a dual-purpose and minimalistic mind-set. In addition to hiking you will find information on campgrounds, places to replenish, and points of interest that we’ve stopped at along the way. The entire journey is an experience to us.

Throughout the hikes we’ve documented you’ll find plenty of pictures along with the map traces we’ve saved. Browse and leave us a few comments if you’ve followed the same routes and can add to the story. Let us know where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, we are always looking for new adventures. This site will always be a work in progress.

NOTE that we occasionally to go places that are infrequently traveled, have no cellular service, are subject to sudden weather changes, and require higher levels of physical fitness and determination coupled with navigational skills and equipment. Animal encounters are an ever-present possibility. Our experience, kit and risk tolerance may vary from your own. Hiking, especially in the mountains or off the beaten path, carries an element of risk that you need to assess for yourself. We urge those following our traces to pack the necessary kit prior to heading out, to check the trail reports, and to not push beyond their own limits or common sense.