Honeymoon Lake Campground, Jasper National Park

Nestled on the east-side of the Icefield Parkway just a few kilometers north of Sunwapta falls in Jasper National Park, Honeymoon Lake Campground has 34 un-serviced spots and two cook shacks, with a maximum vehicle length of 25 feet. Cost was $15.70 per night when we were there. Fresh water is available at a couple of stations. You can find our waypoint here.

Sites are well treed and the general layout appears better suited to tents and trailers than boogie vans with a drive-away awning. We had to look for a level site that we could park in as we do not have any leveling equipment like an RV. We did find a couple that worked, and chose one for the night. We might have been able to put up the drive-away except for the big trees in relation to where we parked. Perhaps we could have wedged both the van and tent in, but we would have been crawling out into the weeds; not required for a single night under wet conditions.

The cook shacks are nice to see and would work well for those needing facilities in rainy weather, such as tenters. One has food lockers, the other does not. Seeing these were nostalgic as so many parks and day-use areas in Alberta had them as standard features when I was a kid, and they were always busy.

The lake like many in the mountains is small, but pretty. Would have been a better view had it not been raining that day.

The weather gave us the opportunity to test out our boogie van kitchen, which was planned to meet the requirements of this type of situation. It worked quite well for a grilled-cheese supper, a game, and morning coffee, although it was cramped. The sink and porto-pottie ensured we did not have to brave the rain for the simple stuff.

We would like to come back and see both the lake and falls near here again (Sunwapta and Athabasca). Fortress back-country staging area is close to Honeymoon Lake, and other hikes are just north.

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