Norman Creek Back-Country Campground, Banff National Park

Norman Creek is a clear stream running out of Norman Lake and points within the meadow it is found; we found this on the hike to Pinto Lake from Highway 93. It lends it’s name to a small but attractive back country campground that is located just over the top of the steep portion of the hike, just inside the mountain meadow that graces this area. Park literature says the meadow is a prime bear habitat. See our waypoint here.

There appear to be only three tent sites at this Campground, but it does have picnic tables, an outhouse, and a newer food pole. The food pole looked to have clips only at one end so would recommend bringing your own carabiner to secure your items. There is also a fire pit but no evidence that firewood is brought to the Campground. We were quite enchanted with the location of this place and added it to our list of back country destinations.

Norman Creek is close enough to the campground to fetch water from and to rock hop. Overall this is an extremely pleasing location to be at and would be perfect to fully book for a group adventure through the valley or onward to Pinto Lake.

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