We are Shawna and Vincent…two farm kids now living in the urban jungle.

Sometimes its hard to believe we’re not 20 anymore – or 30, or 40 – but age does not define what we can accomplish nor the path we can to travel. One gets the opportunity for renewal every day, fading out is optional, not required or inevitable.

We believe in reinventing ourselves. Over the past several years we have made a determined effort to stop being middle-aged and return our bodies to the strength of our youth. We embraced fitness as a lifestyle, but more importantly, we embraced nutrition. What goes into the body becomes the body, and a body without a strong nutritional foundation cannot carry you to the tops of mountains.

Thank you for visiting our hiking and boogievan blog, we hope you find what you are looking for. If any part of our story resonates with you, please feel free to follow us on Facebook. We would love to share the vehicle we used to build a strong nutritional foundation.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Only you can do it.